New Fall Schedule

Our new schedule will start on Tuesday, September 8th. It is different than last year, please take a look and let us know if you have any questions. All classes will be available on Zoom, we will have classes outdoors when we can, and that will cause some changes to be made for sure. The new schedule is accounting for all of the online learning now and is a little bit later than usual to give the kids a break from online before karate. We hope that it works well for you.

New Dojo Schedule Fall 2020

Online classes are ongoing!

We are still offering online classes 6 days a week through the summer (Monday-Saturday). Please email us or call us for more information. Yes, we are still accepting new students!

Thank you to all Essential Workers!!

We are fighting for you!!

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Online class schedule

Hello Shukokai Family and Friends,
We hope all of you are continuing to stay safe and healthy.  On the positive side, we are giving Mother Earth a rest by limiting our traveling, industry and consumption.
We continue to miss you all but cannot wait to see your faces this week on Zoom!  Please give me a call (Lynn – 973-748-5282) if you are having any issues.

The schedule will be as follows:

6 pm (with exception of this Monday 30th – starting classes on the 31st – Tomorrow)

Tuesday  LD/NINJA
4 pm

6 pm


4 pm

Saturday – ALL FAMILY
11 am

The LD /NINJA classes will last 40 mins
The ADULT/SAMURAI will be 1 hour

Lynn/Chris/Devin will be sending everyone group links 15 mins before class.  So check your computer and join us!!!

See you soon!

Dojo closed but learning continues

In order to protect our beloved Shukokai family the dojo will be closed for two weeks starting Monday, March 16th. Current students should check their email as we will be providing video so everyone can train at home. Emails will be sent to video links on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you are not receiving emails as a current student please email us at Stay healthy!