Volunteers Needed!

The world tournament is just around the corner. We are in need of volunteers. Please check out the list below and let Sensei or Sarah know if you can help out. We must get the list in by Friday on who can be relied upon. Thank you!

Set up:

  • The truck carrying all equipment (mats, TVs, etc) will be loaded in the Edison dojo on Saturday, July 7 starting at 2pm……we need volunteers!
  • All dojos can start bringing the mats and other equipment to Edison this Saturday. Everything to be on the truck must be in Edison no later than Friday, July 6
  • The truck and other vans, trucks carrying equiptment are scheduled to arrive at the Taj at 12noon on Sunday and set up will start shortly after……we need volunteers!
  • After eliminations on Wednesday, only 1 ring will be needed for Thursday so we will be taking apart and putting away and in the truck the other 5 rings, TVs, tables, etc……we need volunteers!
  • After the finals on Thursday, we need to take the 1 ring apart, banners, tables……everything left behind and clean up……we need volunteers!
  • The truck will arrive back in Edison on Friday early afternoon and needs to be unloaded……we need volunteers!


  • Internationals will start arriving as early as Friday, July 6 (in 11 days). Jonathan and others are coordinating the buses, etc. But we will need people on calls just in case of any issues. It will also be great to have people at the airport welcoming countries, guiding to buses, etc.

I need the following information from everyone:

  1. Name
  2. Dojo
  3. Cell #
  4. Are you available Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday to possibly welcome countries at airport or be on call in the case someone may need a ride? If yes, which day and time
  5. Are you available on Saturday to load truck in Edison starting at 2pm? Yes or No
  6. Are you available on Sunday at noon to help set up at Taj? Yes or No
  7. Are you available on Friday after the tournament to help unload the truck in Edison? Yes or No
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