June 23rd and Summer training

Hello everyone!

We want all of you to know of the goings on at the dojo these next few weeks as well as for the summer. Saturday, June 23rd will be the last time we will be hosting the World Tournament team for training before the event in Sweden next month. We will have all of our regular classes that day, a promotion test for those that are testing, WT training, and then a BBQ! The BBQ is open to everyone and we hope to see all of our students and families there. BBQ will start around 7pm.

The dojo will be open over the summer! We are still working on our schedule for the summer and we want to hear your interest and availability for summer training. We do have a sign up sheet on the door of the dojo but you can also email us at montclairkarate@gmail.com to give us your availability for training over the summer. We will try to offer classes for all age groups with some classes being combined. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask us. The last day of the regular dojo year is June 30th and we will start the summer training in July.

Hope to see all your smiling faces soon!

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