These are the people who have influenced Sensei Justin throughout his martial arts journey:


Sensei Gavin Armstrong, 7th Dan
Sensei there are no words I could say to thank you for the many gifts you give us all. The thing I can think of is to bow (rei).  Oss.

Shihan Bill Bressaw, 9th Dan
Shihan Bill our world federation would be
lost if not for you and the dedication of all  four shihans. Selfless dedication you honor us all, I bow (rei). Oss.

Shihan Mac Albus, 7th Dan
Shihan Mac a dedicated purist of Sokon
Kimura’s technique thank you for being a
guiding light, I bow (rei).  Oss.

Sensei Alex Couto, 7th Dan
Sensei Alex you push our minds further and we are enlightened, I bow (rei). Oss.

Shihan Chris Thompson, 9th Dan
Shihan Thompson your energy is kinetic and we are awakened, I bow (rei). Oss.

Shihan Lionel Marinus, 9th DanShihan Lionel your power honors Kimura, we are empowered, I bow (rei). Oss.

Shihan Eddie Daniels, 9th Dan Shihan Daniels your kata is poetry in motion, I bow (rei). Oss.

Louise and Ernie DeSalvo, 4th DanTo you I owe the gift of life, I bow (rei). Oss.

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