We Take Our Karate Seriously – Training Body and Mind Together – Respectfully

Shukokai karate is a traditional Japanese martial art. To that point, we observe strict etiquette at the dojo, which ensures not just good manners from our students and  visitors, but a good and safe experience for all. The study of martial arts includes the fighting techniques as well as Japanese culture. To ensure that everyone understands the expectations, we have included the various rules and cultural norms below.

At the dojo, we respectfully ask everyone:

  • Upon entering the dojo, please remove shoes and place them neatly in the shoe cubicles provided.
  • Turn off cell phones and avoid loud conversations while class is in session at the dojo.
  • Clean up any mess you or your children may leave while waiting for classes to begin or end.
  • Keep food and drink in the seating areas only (not on the mats) and dispose of properly.
  • Do not allow younger children to disrupt classes.

Students are expected:

  • Upon entering and exiting the dojo and the mat area, students should bow with an “oss” (Japanese for “acknowledgment”).
  • On greeting one’s Sensei or training partner, Rei (bow).
  • Swearing, eating candy, and/or chewing gum are at all times forbidden at the dojo.
  • Students should listen carefully and not talk or leave the mat when their Sensei explains or demonstrates.
  • When a student wants to show understanding or agreement, he/she should respond by saying “Oss”.
  • When training with an opponent, both students shall bow simultaneously before and after training.
  • While training in the dojo, keep talk to a minimum and do not attempt to teach your partner. If you are having difficulty, get the attention of your Sensei.
  • Do not fold your arms across your chest in the dojo. This is taken as a sign of disrespect.
  • If you are ill or have an injury, inform your Sensei before you begin to train.
  • Always make sure that your gi (uniform) is clean and fresh before training.
  • If you need to leave the mat for a drink or to use the restroom, do so quickly and stand in yoi position at the edge of the mat to await for Sensei’s invitation to rejoin the class.
  • If you are injured during class and are unable to continue, try to stay in the dojo and bow out with the class when it is over.
  • If you have to leave class early, be sure to tell your instructor. Please do not just disappear.

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