Training Sessions

For advanced belt levels (green and up), the national organization, American Shukokai Karate Union (ASKU), hosts training sessions on a quarterly basis. Students from any participating ASKU dojo are invited and encouraged to train with the leadership team. During the years when the World Tournament is being held, training sessions are weekly. These three-hour or more sessions give students an opportunity to train at other dojos with students from across the state and country – as well as with Shihan Bill Bressaw (8th degree/Dan), one of four world chief instructors. These training sessions are usually followed by a Sukiyaki Party or some other prepared meal, offering participants the chance to socialize with other students of the art. Separate fees apply for Training Sessions and are paid to the hosting dojo.

Additionally, the Montclair Shukokai Karate School will also host training sessions for students of our dojo only. These training sessions are available to all dojo students and are a wonderful way to meet and train with all the belt levels and age groups. These training sessions are taught by Senseis Ernie and Justin DeSalvo (both 4th Dan).

Please see the schedule for upcoming training sessions.

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