We Take Your Health Seriously – Training Body and Mind Together – Safely

The Montclair Shukokai Karate dojo is located at 100 Grove Street at the Greenworks Building. It is the first LEED certified dojo of its kind in the United States offering alternative transportation facilities, water and energy efficiencies, and healthy indoor air quality standards through the use of low-or-no VOC emission materials and atmosphere systems.

In addition to the building quality standards, the interior space utilizes state-of-the art, Swain Olympic Grade mats that are 1½ inches thick, making them the safest, densest, and most bacteria resistant in the world. The mats and other training equipment are cleaned with a mild, yet extremely effective, natural citrus disinfectant to prevent risk of skin infections and are safety-checked regularly.

We also make sure that our students train safely as well. The dojo stocks and sells all the necessary equipment that students will need including gi’s (white uniform), helmets, gloves, leg protection, mouth guards, and cups for males. The dojo is able to special order any other martial art-related items as well, just ask! The dojo provides chest protection during class and tournaments; however, students may order their own equipment if they so desire.

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