Dojo closed but learning continues

In order to protect our beloved Shukokai family the dojo will be closed for two weeks starting Monday, March 16th. Current students should check their email as we will be providing video so everyone can train at home. Emails will be sent to video links on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you are not receiving emails as a current student please email us at Stay healthy!

Dojo closed today and tomorrow

In an effort to be cautious and protect all of you and your families we will be using two previously unused snow days and closing today (Friday 3/13) and tomorrow (3/14). We want to do our part to be socially responsible to keep everyone healthy.

It’s always Karate time!

Montclair Shukokai has classes all year round and we are always accepting new students. We have classes for kids as young as 3 and for adults that won’t reveal their age. We do have tournaments, national and international, as well as confidence building, discipline, respect, effort, speed, power, control, and so much more. With classes 6 days a week we have something for you. Come in and see us!

Meeting change

The meeting for all black and brown belts has been moved to Saturday, February 1st at 1pm. Mandatory meeting to discuss current and future dojo events.

Black and brown belt meeting January 25th

There will be a meeting for all brown and black belts of Montclair Shukokai starting at approximately 2pm on Saturday, January 25th. We will be discussing the upcoming World Tournament, Teacher Assistant training, and staffing the upcoming Kids’ Night Out events. All brown and black belts under 18 should have at least one parent present. Interested purple belts may join the meeting as well.